Friday, August 6, 2010

Mum's 60th B'day Part 2

The Mr. and this random guy above were doing of course
The Kidlet had to try it too.

Upon perusing the pics The Mr. took I have found that I make this face a lot when I'm dancing.
:-/ Oops. I had no idea. Now that I probably won't stop.

The day before my Mum arrived at the coast for her surprise b'day weekend we were already there and had the delightful opportunity to experience the San Luis Obispo Farmer's Market.
If you live within driving distance, do yourself a massive favor and get your hiney over there! It's AMAZING! So much good stuff!!! I found Gluten-free, vegan banana nut bread (Why oh why did I buy more than one tiny loaf!?!?!?!) Dairy free caramel walnut clusters, and so many flowers and jams and veggies and delights and music....sigh.

I hope to go back soon!

If only we could live in that lovely town for always. Siiiigh. SLO or Seattle, I would be quite happy in either location.


Still working on processing the possibility of moving to a new apartment, the new dietary restrictions, etc. None of this is made any easier by us trying to make a decision about whether or not The Mr. should go back to teach....which we need to decide soon since the school year is starting in 2 weeks. Siiiigh, what to do? I'm not sure what to even look for because we don't know what we will be able to afford with all of The Mr.'s work stuff up in the air. How does one budget when one doesn't know what money they will have to budget with?


Lovies and Lethargy,



tess said...

sorry there are so many complicated life decisions for you right now, best of luck!

amazing polka dot on polka dot!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Haha, cute dancing face!

Your little one is absolutely adorable.

Lots of luck with the decisions you're facing!

x Jasmine

Anonymous said...

So....where's this 'mum' who's birthday you're celebrating?

The Body Electric said...

Anon: Mom? Is that you? ;-)

It's very hard to get pictures of my mother, she tends to be camera shy. But I have some...and they are coming still. Don't you worry!!!

Thank you Tess and Jasmine, there are worse things, I know, but it's so nice to hear your words of encouragement!