Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BOOOOOOOOO!!!! (I will slap you in the face you rotten food allergies.)

The verdict is in.

The old allergy list has been 3!!!!

Tuna, blueberries and raspberries are now allowed back onto my place.
And I don't want to sound like an ingrate because I am indeed grateful that I can have them again....but let's be honest.....
Eggs, wheat, dairy, tomatoes.
THESE are things that are in EVERYTHING!
It would have been nice if I could eat them again.

I think my rotten attitude stems from this....

I now how 13 new allergies.
That's right.

The new allergies are as follows:

Eggplant, Cantaloupe, Cranberry, Lime, Malt, Perch, Pineapple
Quinoa, Tangerine,

What the what!?!?!!? I've already had my precious wheat pasta and spaghetti taken away from GARLIC!?!?!?!?! And I can't have ketchup and mayo anymore (eggs and tomatoes are no-no's) and now MUSTARD!!?!?!?

Also, SUGAR CANE!?!?!!? WHAT!

And HOW, pray tell, is one allergic to Tangerines and Limes but not Lemons and Oranges?!?!?!?


I am peeved. To say the least.

Our landlady had a specialist come out and test our apartment today. We are waiting to hear the results. At this point if they come back negative I guess we are going to move anyway, since the issue is that I am testing sensitive to the apartment, maybe it's fine levels for someone else. (I'm a mold light weight???) But then, if they come back really high then she said she'll start gutting the apartment and tearing stuff out...but then how do we live here while she's doing that? AND what if they don't get everything out. (I've heard from various home owners that it's pretty tough to get rid of once you've got it)

So...limbo continues.

The Mr. went up to the foothills today to just be alone and pray without distractions. We are praying for guidance and clarity. That's the thing we are lacking most right now.

Clarity. Not that we demand to have all the answers, but just that we would know what we should do or not do with the info we have. Some sort of direction. (again, if you're the praying kind, feel free to add that to your list, if you feel so led)

There is an apartment a couple blocks away that is available and just so happens to be next to an old friend (and former student) that is only $25 more a month for rent (no idea on utilities) and actually has a very small second bedroom. That would be a step up for us, though I am nervous about living on a ground floor. I like be up above things, it cuts down on a lot of worries. (Wow, that statement is very revealing of my biggest weakness...worry)
But it has a garage, hook ups for a washer and dryer, heating and A/C. and partial hardwood floors. That is a huge answer to a lot of things we were praying about. The location is in the neighborhood we want but is on the corner of two MAJOR streets and there is a bus stop directly in front of the apartment. I've always wondered how the tenants handle it when I drive by and see all kinds of random people hanging out on the porch of that apartment waiting for the bus. They trash it...a lot. So, that is not ideal....but again, there's a lot about it that I like. What to do. What to do.

PS. It may or may not have a murphy bed hidden behind a built in china cabinet. How ridiculously cool is that!?!?!?!

I wasn't going to include pics with this post...but now I will.

Ladies and gents.... pics of the apartment....

This looks like a murphy bed, right!?!?!

My other concern...there seems to be NO closet space. Egad.


Lovies and Lentils
(which I am not allergic to...but lentils without garlic??? Meh.)



Meggstatus said...

Oh man that is such a bummer! Wheat, garlic, and sugar cane???? I'm sure you will figure out how to make it work and on the bright side your prospective apartment looks absolutely amazing.

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

THIRTEEN NEW ALLERGIES?! WHAT?! I am so sad (and angry on your behalf) for you :(

I am so sorry. Do you feel sick whenever you eat those foods? I did a skin allergy test a while back that said I was allergic to peanuts, chicken and pineapple on top of all my other allergies ... but I have yet to feel sick from them. I decided to keep eating them until I felt the wrath in my tummy. Probably shouldn't, but I'm a little desperate for food choices, you know? Of course you know, silly question. Sorry :(

I will definitely pray for you.

In happier news, that apartment looks fabulous! I LOVE the built-in china cabinet with the bed behind it. So cool! The downside is the people waiting at the bus stop, but maybe you could get your cranky face on and tell them to wait at the bus stop and not on your porch? Easier said than done, I realise.

We have no closet space in our house. Mr LG lives by himself right now (I'll move in after we get married) and he's struggling to fit all his stuff in the few cupboards we're borrowing from my parents, so I'm not sure how we're going to manage with my stuff as well!


x Jasmine

sarah marie p said...

Ugh. I can't even imagine! That's horrible! :( Well, I guess I can sorta relate in a teeny way -- there's all these foods I'm supposed to avoid because of acid reflux -- spicy food, salsa, oil & vinegar type stuff, caffeine, alcohol, etc etc etc but I still keep eating them ... and then I feel sick. Um, yeah that's pretty dumb on my part. Blah! I wish I hated spicy foods. That would be way easier!

I can't believe you might have to move out of your apartment! What a nightmare! And can't eat ketchup!? That's just wrong! You poor thing! I hope things start looking up for you!

That apartment looks super cute! Love the built in china cabinet. And ooooh secret murphy bed! So cool!

Btw -- I didn't know you were sorta in Fierce Creatures! How awesome! I meant to say hi to you at the Fresno Art Museum show and didn't get a chance to! The band is so amazing!

The Body Electric said...

Hey Sarah! Long time no see! Yeah, I used to have acid reflux too, I ate everything anyways, it wasn't worth it not to! ;-) I went to an awesome acupuncturist/herbalist and she really helped me out with that. If you're interested.

The apartment was rented to someone else, I'm a little bummed but mostly relieved that it's been taken out of the "should we" category. There are just too many things in that category right now I can't seem to narrow down what to actually do.

And yes, I am an "honorary" member of Fierce Creatures. Basically, I am in the band whenever I want and I can quit anytime. They know my family and my other band are both priorities and gave me the option of getting to play with them on occasion or as often as I like. The problem is getting parts written for me, which we were doing then all this new health stuff hit the fan and I've been too busy to go to practices in the last couple weeks. Oh well,hopefully soon!

sarah marie p said...

Hi again! :)
Oooh! I am quite interested in this acupuncturist/herbalist. Thanks so much for the tip. Do you happen to still have her contact info?

Bummer about the apartment but I know what you mean about kinda being relieved with situations like that. Reminds me of how I'm almost glad when I go try on clothes at a store and the majority don't work -- that way I won't be lusting after so many items!

Sounds like a sweet deal you've got going with Fierce Creatures!

Hope you hear some answers soon about allergies,place to live,etc.