Thursday, August 26, 2010

Out In The Forest Again















So we had ourselves another day up in the mountains, we made it up much earlier than usual and actually got some swimming, napping (which turned into multitasking as I burned whilst sleeping....good job me.) and picnicking in. On the way home we stopped and The Mr. grabbed these shots. Man, he's getting better!!!

It was a lovely day, hopefully we can get some actual camping in soon and stay overnight.

The Mr. is back to teaching (he's works as an assistant in a special ed. program for Autism)
He does not love this job, it sucks the life from his soul. He sees children with so many problems and he is powerless to help because pretty much anything constructive is prohibited due to the always looming fear of the school board that someone might sue somebody over something. So basically he is a glorified babysitter. He just hates that there are things that could be done and his hands are tied to do anything beneficial. I could talk about this for way too long and the point of this blog (generally) is for the beauty in life, not the things that drive me crazy (though clearly, I've digressed a bit lately)

Anywho, the fact that the woman he assists is a very unpleasant and unprofessional individual doesn't help matters any. He carries the work load and yet for some reason she seems to hate him for it. I don't get it. The point of all this info is that the job he got several months ago working at a RAW Organic Dairy is going to be giving him more work and as of next month he will not have to be at the school anymore!!!! He didn't want to leave the school in a bind in the first month and just up and quit on them so he told them his plan to leave in a month and in the mean time help train whomever and then "git while the gitting is good". That teacher couldn't even let him last a week. She kept telling all his fellow workers (when he wasn't around) that she might just let him go early (which is silly for her to say because she has no power to fire people) and keeps pressuring him to leave early. He was just trying to do the right thing by everyone else and she's making him pay for it. This woman...I tell ya....ARGH!

Anyway, long story short, The Mr. will be done with that despicable school district as of tomorrow!!! Money will be tight next month but our Father always provides and we are super excited! He was going to be working 16 hour days 6 days a week for the next month. But not now!!!! YIPPPEEEE! I'd rather have him than money! He is so happy!!!

In other news, our landlady had a specialist check our apartment and he seemed skeptical about there being unsafe levels of mold but did some extra tests. They came back confirming what my doctor said....mold, lots of it, and the bad kind!

Our landlady is going to have us move into our old apartment which will soon be vacated by Ms. Allie of Thecatandthecow. I am so sad to see her go but the timing of all of this has worked out pretty well considering. Also, our rent will be cut in half whilst all the remodeling is taking place (see, it's all working out for next month already! Less money but less rent so YEA!!!)

So yeah, life is complicated but it's still pretty gosh darn good!!!


Lovies and Awesome Landladies,



Christiejolu said...

Great photos! I am glad that all worked out for you guys!

The Body Electric said...

Thanks Christie!!! Yeah, we are hanging in there. There are some other complications as well but I'm trying (TRYING!!!) to focus on the positive! :-)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Okay, first up I LOVE those photos. All of them are incredible! Talented photographer, and ever-so-gorgeous model! I also love your dress!

So much care and consideration needs to be taken into account when you work with children with autism. They are glorious little people and it pains me to think a woman as horrible as this lady sounds is in charge of them :(

How exciting for your Mister's new job! He must feel like a weight has been taken off his shoulders (and not to mention off yours as well!).

AND, how exciting that they discovered mold in your water pipes! Haha, that sounds a little weird, but now you know you were right and are taking all the steps to fixing the cause of your problems! Yay! I'm so happy :)

x Jasmine

tess said...

you look amazing in these photos, your husband sure does have a good photographic eye and I love the color of your dress!

Feel free to rant all you want, it is your blog after all. And no one's life is perfect, I sometimes get annoyed with blogs that act like everything is fine all of the time. Thanks for being honest. It's a good thing your husband is getting out of that school district, best of luck!