Friday, April 16, 2010


Two posts in one day...weird I know.

But I had to post about this. The Kidlet came running to me and said, "Whooozat Door?!?". I hadn't even heard a knock. I ran to the front door and said "Who is it!?!?" No answer. "WHO IS IT!?!?!?" Nothing. I checked the peep hole, no one. So I tentatively opened the door and TADA!!!!

WHAT'S THIS!!?!?!?


The autoharp I used to play in the band was only 12 chords and acoustic and had broken strings (it costs a fortune to get them restrung), then we upped to a 15 chord that someone lent to us for a while but then recently had to take it back.....

We have been saving and researching and TADA! We found a 21 chords, ELECTRIC, with a built in tuner and an ability to fine tune that neither of the other Autoharps had. Siiiiggghh, it's like going from driving a Yugo and then getting a Lexus with seat warmers and a moon roof and a radio!!! Sigh!

Now, to re-learn the darn chords before our show on the 30th!!!! For some reason they rearranged all the chords. When going from a 12 to a 15 I only had to learn where the new chords were, just added on to the end of what was already there, this one is just completely different so all the chords I used to know are all hinky, I'm skeeered.

Practice, practice, practice!

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Patty said...

An autoharp :) that's so cool, gosh now I want one!