Friday, April 16, 2010

Amelie, Yann Tiersan, Typhoon and my 100th post!

I love this version of the movie poster!!! Sigh for Red Rooms!

Le sigh.

Bekkah, Annie, Me


Oh Yann, our hearts are full.

The gent on the right, next to me, was the bass player and an extremely handsome fellow (think French Clive Owen) though this pic just makes he looks super goofy. I think he was proud of himself for saying "say cheese". ;-)

Night before last I had the immense pleasure of getting to see Yann Tiersen at a very small venue on his way to Coachella. It was only $18 (which is a lot for someone that mostly attends small local shows but well worth it for the man responsible for the music of Amelie, Goodbye Lenin and many other lovelinesses...let's pretend that's a word) and worth every penny. His music is magical and beyond! We played parts of the Amelie soundtrack at our wedding and it will always hold a special place in my heart for all the wonderful memories it conjures up for us.

As you can see, so beautiful, sadly my camera ran out of memory literally 10 seconds before the song ended. Sorry!

A lovely band called Typhoon opened for them, they had two violinists, two drummers (with full sets of drums each) two guitarists, a bassist two trumpet players, a percussionist and an accordionist (or maybe it a was concertina...I'm not sure) they were delightful and super nice. I bought their CD (they had it available for early release for those at shows). It comes out in May I believe so be sure to check them out!!!

Yann played all manner of loveliness and we all stood in awe and rapture...sigh...le sigh.

For those attending Coachella right now, I hope you have half as nice of a time as we did.

When the show was over everyone dispersed fairly quickly. Due to a mix up and some drama involving someone's e-cigarette and alcohol consumption (neither of which I consume) we ended up hanging around for a while after the show was over.....lucky for us, the drama kept us there long enough to find Yann Tiersen making his way outside and we were actually able to meet him, and get a few pictures with him. I died. It was amazing. Of course, every bit (which isn't much to begin with) of French I happened to know flew out of my brain, with the exception of being able to tell him he was 'my lovely cabbage". Somehow that didn't seem appropriate. So I kept my mouth shut.


Lovies and Larkspur,



Lisa said...

Emily is such an amazing movie how cool to see the musicians live! Do you live by the ocean, your little boy looks adorable in the pics.

The Body Electric said...

Ah yes, that movie is so overwhelmingly beautiful, it was an incredible experience.

We live a couple hours away from the ocean so we try to take at least a day trip every couple months. And thank you, I do love that Kidlet! He makes my heart smile!