Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day late and a dollar short....



Sooo, I'm afraid I am going to have to do what I really didn't want to do, and that is delay the shop opening by a day. I am soooo sorry for the inconvenience, this mostly applies to my mother, sister, and mother-in-law as I think they are the ones that actually follow this blog religiously. ;-))  If you are not family and you are disappointed by this news 1. I am so sorry. 2. I am deeply appreciative that you care!!! :-)

I will still be announcing the winner of the headband GIVEAWAY today at noon (only a couple hours left!!!) but being out of town, snowed in, up in the mountains for the last week and making it back home a day later than planned has set me back...a day! Sooooo, tomorrow at noon, the shop will be launching. I just don't want to make a shoddy attempt at the opening and want to make sure we have decent pics of products ready to go.

Today will be a flurry of activity and busy-bee-ness, trying to finish up the final details and such.

I hope that this news isn't too disappointing and yet bums you out a little bit (juuuuust a teensy, tiny bit) because then that means people besides the mom's and sister are reading this! (For the record, my dear family, your encouragement and support are precious and priceless to me! Precious in the true sense, not the condescending  sense.)

Love you guys and will be back to announce the winner in a couple hours! :-D

Lovies and late-as-usual,



Lori said...

I am officially bummed. I can't wait for your site to be up and running so I can send my friends the link!

Shanti said...

I have the Zutons running through my head for you right now....AAAAAAWWW PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE!!! but seriously. don't feel pressured. Can't wait to see the shop when it's ready to go! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Can't wait....but in a good way!
Let's see if it will let me post this time...
Love you,

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Super excited for this! Can't wait!!

x Jasmine