Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Cover of The Zuton's "Confusion" (aptly named)

1. We are not under the impression that we are as awesome as our mum's say...though it is awfully sweet that they think such things about us.

2. Miss L.B. is really completely serious about marrying you, Andy Samberg, if you are reading this.

3. I am also completely seriously about the scientific leaps in cloning potentially making the possibility of  Clone Me marrying you, Andy, should Lauren accept Ryan Goslings proposals of marriage....I choose to use an "S" and say "proposals" as a plural as I'm sure there will be many once RG learns of who Miss L.B. is...


Lovies and lichen, 


PS. The Strawberry Window loves you...even if you aren't Andy Samberg...but especially if you ARE Andy Samberg (Ryan Gosling, this also applies to you but don't feel out Lee Pace or Joseph Gordon Levitt...we don't want any of you too feel left out or wounded by our favoritism...also we love you Zooey D. but then again, who (that isn't stupid crazy) doesn't?)

I'm done. For really reals....

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