Thursday, January 5, 2012

Climb every mountain












Happy New Year, Dear One's!!!

I hope that everything's been dashing and dapper and lovely and enchanting for all of you!

Things here have been busy, back home to visit family a lot for Christmas and birthdays (The Kidlet is now FOUR!?!?! When did that happen???)  But we are now home, safe and sound, and exploring and rifling about the nature that is so close to us.

My dearyloo, Miss. L, took us up to this lovely spot last week. (The weather is kind of ridiculous, it's about 75 degrees today...I'm torn between the loveliness of it and the fear of not enough rain for everybody's crops and just plain liking a bit o' winter from time to time) And we grabbed some lovely pics!  We are still planning on launching the Etsy shop (The Strawberry Window) this month though the date is still not set. We will also be announcing a giveaway!  I promise I will let you know when the time comes!!!

Have yourselves a lovely little new year and I hope you find yourselves richly blessed in all things, not just our typical idea of what "richness" is.

Lovies and lily pads,



Marisa Noelle said...

Wow...these really are some stunning photos. The color and scenery have such a magical quality to them. Your little man is the cutest:) Mine's going to be 2 in Feb. and I can't even believe how quickly that has come. Brightest wishes in the new year!! xx

The Body Electric said...

Thank you so much, Marisa! I quite agree, it was magical and enchanting!!! I will be posting some more pics from an even MORE enchanting place (The Elfin Forest!!!!!!!) that we had some family pics done at this week! Can't wait to get them back from the photographer! ELFIN FOREST!?!?!?!! How delightful!

Congrats on your little kidlets second birthday coming up! It's a fun age, at least it was for our family (four is proving more challenging than two) and I hope you find it precious and full of laughs!!!