Friday, January 6, 2012

Prep school Days

(Chestnut corduroy blazer - $3!!!)

(Thrifted Cableknit Sweater - $1)

(Thrifted rugby cardigan - $1.50)

(Thrifted J. Crew top - $1.50, Thrifted skirt, it was about 4 times too big AND down to my ankles, just sewed a straight line up the back and hemmed it - $1!!! Thrifted nordstrom tie - $1!)

(Thrifted vintage plaid garment bag - said $6 but the guy gave it to me for $5!!! Thrifted vintage carpet bag purse - $3!  Yard sale vintage hat box luggage - $2.50!!!)

(Sadly, I do not have the key for this beauty, but I can buckle it and unbuckle it, thank heavens it wasn't locked!!!)

(Thrifted belt - .50 CENTS!!!)

(these shoes were the most expensive part of the outfit, originally $100 at U.O. but marked down and then additional sale made them $30 (which is still more than I usually pay for shoes...but I had Christmas money!!!!)

This post is a culmination of several things. Last night, before I went to sleep I made a list of everything I had to do today, and a list of things I wanted to post. One of those things was "thrifted items". It's been a really long time since I've done a thrift post and the main reason is....... the new town we live in has TERRIBLE thrifting.  In our home town someone actually made a zine just listing and reviewing all the thrift stores available to us. Here on the central coast of California we have 4 or 5 total. It's pretty slim pickings as well as really over-priced. BUT, I've made do by getting some thrifting in whenever I go back to visit family.  I made quite the haul on the last visit and whilst I am only showing a few pieces in this particular post, (a lot of it is stuff I've collected over the last few years, but the tie, belt and plaid garment bag are my recent finds) I hope to post more soon (mustard and moss green vintage Pendalton blanket??? YES PLEASE!)

The other reasons behind this post is  that I wore a variation of this outfit on New Years Day and received several taunting remarks about going "back to school". ;-P THEN I wake up this morning and find a new blog by Aminta and she just so happens to be doing a Tommy Hilfiger Giveaway. All I had to do was add her on FB and post a comment on her blog with my email address but she offered us the idea of dressing up in our "best prep school look".  Sooooo, I find myself with this was kind of the kick in the pants I needed to actually post some of the thrifted items.  Hope you enjoy it and check out her blog! Wish me luck and same to you if you enter!!! :-D

Lovies and lucky stars, 



Aminta Paiz said...

Woow I love the vintage luggage!! Adorable shoes too.. good luck on the giveaway...

Insomnia said...

I love every single detail of this outfit! But most of all, I'm a sucker for ginger hair. You're stunning!

The Body Electric said...

Well gee willikers, Ms. Insomnia! That is awfully nice of you! Thanks so much!!!

Aminta, fingers crossed!!!! Thanks for doing the giveaway in the first place!

Ms. Dee said...

Yes the thrift pickings are definitely slim around here... I once found a pair of fancy 1940s hats at Goodwill, but that's about it.

That carpet bag is particularly nifty!