Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Starline Show

So I'm trying to be better about snagging shots here and there for important occasions. Sadly, I forgot till after our show tonight when I was looking more bedraggled at 1am then when I started out at 8. But here it is, I figured you would care Kate! :-) Sooo after looking at these couple shots The Mr. took right before he crashed (he's going to get 4.5 hours of sleep before work tomorrow, poor fellow!!!) I realized that it looks as though I have tiny fingerless hands. My hands are in gloves shoved in my pockets....just in case you were wondering. :-)

The show went over pretty well. No one booed us, so I guess that's good. We even had a couple people approach us afterward and ask if we had cd's (not yet) and others say they were afraid when they saw us setting up our instruments because it would either be "really good or really bad" and we were "really good". So YEAAA! We ran out of time and had to cut out two songs (one of our new ones that I was excited about too....booo)

When it was over I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in a couple years and come to find out he's in 5? 6? other bands, one of which is a family band sort of thing and he wants us to play in a couple weeks at another venue we've never played before. EEEEEE! This should be exciting. Problem is, it's the day after Christmas so I will have to do some arm twisting to get the rest of the gang to say yes.....we shall see.

As always, Lovies and Lickitysplits,



Kate Durbin said...

You are so adoooorable! Thanks for posting! I wish I could come to your shows. I bet you are cuter than Jenny Lewis (do you like her, btw?)


The Body Electric said...

Loved her ever since Troop Beverly Hills!!! Hee hee! She's amazing! Gosh, her voice, her look, everything is pretty much perfection. I would love to be a mix of Jenny Lewis and Zooey Deschanel with a bit of the sisters from Eisley if I had my way!!!!!!! (I'm speaking about style and vocals...siiiiggghhh)

Are you going to be up for Christmas? We might be playing a show the day after....might you? MIGHT YOU!?!?!?!? That would be the best Christmas present EVER!

Kate Durbin said...

Ohhhh I wish! But we will be freezing (and having fun) in the UK. However, we will be up in Jan. or Feb. to see my gorgeous new niece, when she pops out to say hello world!!! So hopefully you can have another show then? Or do a private singing for us?

I love Jenny too--I saw Rilo Kiley play at UCR and she wore this fabulous silver sparkly outfit and knee high boots and was just amazing and adorable, through and through. Like someone else I know!

The Body Electric said...

Nooooo!!! I was so hoping that if we did it then you would be able to come!!!! Oh well, I'll keep trying.

Lucky duck!!!! Ms. Lewis is always so exquisitely dressed, I don't doubt her outfit that nights was exceptionally amazing! I'm eternally grateful to you for thinking I am anywhere near her in style!!!

You're not too bad yourself my dear, throw in a pinch of Lady Gaga (I may dislike her but I can't ignore that her outfits from time to time are AMAZING!!!!) a quart of Gwen Stefani and I think you have yourself a Kate Durbin!!!



If my ass could fit in that outfit, I would sooooo borrow it..........