Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Wish List.

Really K? Really? Where would you wear this? It doesn't matter...I would find a reason.

Alexander McQueen peacock dress...yes please.

Probably the tippy top of my list...oh elusive Guitarophone...someday you shall be mine.

Joseph Pintauro (sp?) Boxes...yes please.

Vintage Umbrellas...out of everything this one is what I actually need...though vintage is not a necessity...but a want.

Keeping my eyes open for this and the other Mary Frances books at books stores. Might have to buckle and accept that the reprints on Amazon will have to suffice.

I want BOTH cloches AND terrariums and have tried making the later...which ended in miserable defeat. Sniffles.

Yes, that's right, bloomers, pantaloons, whatever you call them, these frilled, fabric confections are not only a want, but like the umbrella would be put to good use. As someone that bikes constantly and wears dresses more than anything else this wouldn't be as frivolous a purchase as it would seem.

Ok, so ultimately I wish for things like, friends and family that are ill to be healed, and freedom for The Invisible Children and healing for the abused and food for the hungry.

Soooo now, having written that, I feel like a total jerk for even looking at pretty things like this and desiring them even the least bit. Sigh. Oh well, I will complete the blog anyway and admit to you what a fickle and foolish creature I am, wishing to cure the world of it's ills but still coveting useless things I don't have and don't need.

That being said, I am grateful for how blessed I am in spite of what others may think of our circumstance (as if a family of 3 living in a one bedroom apartment is abject poverty...HA, to them, I say!!!)

THAT being said, here are the silly little things that my little heart finds appealing. Just for the heck of it.

Lovies and lox and bagels,


ps. I tried to link all the pics I could, most of them were stock photos found on google image. Apologies if you think I stole without giving credit where credit is due. Forgive me.