Monday, December 7, 2009

Sing the Body Show

So tomorrow night we have another show. I am starting to become terrified. The venue is pretty big in our town and so I'm starting to get nervous. The bands we are playing with are fairly well known in "the scene" and I'm scared there will be a ton of people...or none at all. Whewwwww, I've been to more shows at this place than I could even begin to guess. I'm used to the crowd, the staff, and the regulars....but to suddenly be on the stage. EGAD! Terrifying! Fingerscrossed!!!

Should you live here and know this venue....we will see you there, we have two new songs, btw!

Lovies and languid days,


PS. Brother Luke and the Comrades is the band of my dear friend The Cat and The Cow. In case you were wondering.

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HAHA.....You all sounded Great, and did a fantastic job, just like I knew you all would.....there was even a guy in the front row that was really digging much in fact... that after a few songs he yelled....."F#%^ YEAH!!...F@#% YEAH!...THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT"

You said it best Mr. front row F said it best.....