Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tree Lane Walks 1 & 2

Myself, W, The Cat and the Cow, My Sister.

This display has been a regular ever since I can remember...long before my parents ever lived down the street and our open house tradition began. you can't tell but they dance. A couple years ago some awful people vandalized a bunch of stuff on the Lane and this display was set on was a very sad year. Glad to see it fixed and back to looking like the good old days.

I told you there was a crowd.

Myself and The Kidlet. (sorry so many pics are fuzzy, the flash just ruins everything)

The Mr.

The A"boob"minable Snowman.


The second night, hence the different hair (bow)

Every year my family has an open house on the night that a nearby street has their annual Walk Night. They close it to cars (which usually cause traffic jams on this street as these houses go ALL out every year) and we are free to walk like cattle packed into an enormous crowd. Everyone runs into a million people they know as pretty much everyone turns out for this thing. It happens two different nights and since people show up at my parents on both nights we have expanded the open house to both nights as well. My pop builds a fire pit in the front yard, people roast marshmallows, bring lovely treats to share or instruments to play and rabbly-rousing commences. It's alway a blast and it's crazy to think that we have been doing this since I was in highschool and now here I am with a child myself, starting a new generation to enjoy the tradition.

Sighhhhhh, still working on presents....I need to get some wrapped, there is nothing under the tree yet and it looks lonely. That reminds me, I must get some pictures of OUR tree and get them put up for you.

Stay warm and don't forget why we have this time of celebration in the first place.

Blessings, Lovies and Christmas Light Lanes,


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