Sunday, August 2, 2009

3 posts in a day...crazy!

I didn't get any pics from last night (though I've heard rumor that someone in the crowd did and I must now track them down) but here is a video (with terrible quality) of one of our songs. I didn't write the words (Francis Lyte did) but did write the music.

Two of the guys in the band are starting to record instruments tomorrow.....this has all happened so fast, it's really weird. Hopefully it turns out alright. The show went well and after it was over we were told by the headlining act (singer/songwriter Reggie Gin) that one of our songs (an old Irish hymn) brought her father to tears and another person in the audience that had come to see one of the other acts asked if we had a cd he could buy, a website he could go to or another show coming up that he could attend.

It's really overwhelming to hear that someone besides our lovely and supportive friends enjoyed our set, not to belittle the friends at all, I adore them and love that they are so loving and encouraging to us, but we all know how friends are more forgiving to the mistakes we make than the perfect strangers in the crowd.

So I had to tell the gentleman that we had no cd, no website, not sure about a show (though we have been asked to play two more later this month...WEEEEE!) so we made an on-the-spot mailing list and he wrote his email on the back of our set list.

WE GOT OUR FIRST EMAIL!?!?!? Crazy! AND if turned out to be the first paying gig! We weren't even thinking about it but when everything was over our friend Jesse (he and his brother run the venue) brought us an envelope apologizing that it wasn't more.....inside was a $20!!!! We are putting it into the cd fund so once everything is recorded we can actually put together cd's.

That's all for now, thanks for listening (er, reading?)

Lovies and Laughter,


gfe--gluten free easily said...

Wow, I only wish I could see and hear better. Just lovely. Congrats on your warm reception. I hope you can get someone to make a really good video and put it on YouTube. That would be awesome and I think you would do so well!

BTW, I sort of introduced myself in your other Heart Is Full post. ;-)


The Body Electric said...

THank you so much for you encouragement and for recommending that other blog for me! It's been quite a transition for me to cut out so many foods that I was eating as such staples of my diet. AND frustrating since they were all very wholesome "healthy" foods (ie: raw dairy, eggs, blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, etc.) So THANK YOU!!!!!

I did track down some pictures (which I will post) and the we started recording the instruments for one of our songs yesterday so I guess we are well on our way.

Thanks again and lovely do meet you!


PS. my godmother's name was Shirley, it holds a special place in my heart as a result!