Friday, August 7, 2009

Sing the Body

Myself and the Mr.

The little sis, myself, the Mr. and the bro-in-law

The neighbor and the monkey of unknown origin

The older sis

The Mr., the neighbor, the bro-in-law

The friend, the little sis, the big sis, the middle sis (myself)

(left-right) The neighbor (his leg at least) the monkey (which we have no idea where it came from) and the bro-in-law

(left-right) The friend, the little sis, the big sis, myself, The Mr., The bro-in-law

So recording is in motion and we are on our way. I have no idea how long this process takes as I have never been a band before. We will have to play it by ear. We have a ukulele, an autoharp, a lap slide?, an Irish lap harp, an antique collapsible pump organ, a guitar, a tom and cymbal, and two kalimbas (sp?) in our band. Not all at the same time but we mix and match a lot.

I did write music for two more poems this week. I found a little children's book of prayers and fell in LOVE with several of them. I put them to music and they shall be added to the set list once the rest of the group learns the songs. (I don't think they will be done in time for the show on the 21st) Thank you guys for your love and support!!!

There will be no posts for the next week (sorry you three...that's right THREE!!!!) as tonight is the wedding rehearsal for the cousin's wedding!!! (WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE CAKE TOPPERS I MADE!!!!) Tomorrow we decorate and I do hair and makeup (gotta get the extensions finished!!! EGAD!) getting done for pictures at 4 wedding at 6 reception at 7. THEN we leave Sunday morning at 7AM FOR PORTLAND!!!!! We will be there till Thursday checking out the school and housing and work, etc. So I will be out of commission here on the computer!

I will have lots of pictures I'm sure so I will catch you all on the flip-side!

Lovies and lap-dogs,



DUTA said...

So everything stays in the family. Nice, talented band you 've got there. Good Luck with everything!

Emerson Merrick said...

you and the mr are c. u. t. e. cute!

The Body Electric said...

Why thank you ladies! Much appreciated!

(Yeah, I'm rather fond of him! I feel cuter by osmosis being around him ;-))