Thursday, August 6, 2009


"And then there is that day when all around, all around you hear the dropping of the apples, one by one, from the trees. At first it is one here and one there, and then it is three and then it is four and then nine and twenty, until the apples plummet like rain, fall like horse hooves in the soft, darkening grass, and you are the last apple on the tree; and you wait for the wind to work you slowly free from your hold upon the sky, and drop you down and down. Long before you hit the grass you will have forgotten there ever was a tree, or other apples, or a summer, or green grass below. You will fall in darkness...."

Dandelion Wine By Ray Bradbury


Today, Chris has fallen into the light. But I feel it must be something like this, all tears being wiped away, perhaps because all of the pain of this life is forgotten in the great overwhelming beauty of finally being home.

Glad you are finally free of pain...fare thee well.


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DUTA said...

Superb picture that says a lot.

The Body Electric said...

Thank you friends! I do love mushroom birds and Ray Bradbury....they always make my day. And bring a little cheer on sad days like yesterday.