Monday, July 26, 2010

Thrift Stores and Scissors.

For some reason this turned burgandy (not a favorite colour) in the photo, in actuality it's plum! Yum!

Today a thrift store in my neighborhood (Neighborhood Thrift Store...the name says it all!) had a wonderful sale that periodically pops up! The $7 bag sale. Anything you can fit into a paper grocery bag for $7. The Big Sis and I went together and managed to cram all of our stuff into one bag and split the cost. My half of the bag ended up being 6 dresses, 1 romper, 1 top, 2 skirts, for me and 2 jeans for The Kidlet. Not too shabby for $3.50!!!

When I got home I promptly went to town cutting up the things that were "almost cute other than...." I am pretty much happy with how they all turned out other than the sea foam skirt, that could stand to be shorter. Clearly I like things just above the knee. I am a short girl and long things just accentuate it.

I will post all the pieces I am leaving alone tomorrow. Seriously, I broke it down, everything came down to being .29 cents a piece. YESSSS!

I love thrifting. Seriously. I feel so bad for people that don't enjoy it.

Lovies and lucky deals,



picnicsandparades said...

are you too cool for school to follow my blog?!

so many m's.

Lisa said...

I've never been to a bag sale, wow! awesome alterations <3 it!

The Body Electric said...

Lisa, I've never had one be so lucrative before!!! Wait till you see the other dresses, the ones I DON'T have to alter! YIPPPEEEE!!!

Whitney face, I don't know, are YOU too cool to follow MINE!?!!? So I was posting stuff on my FB for you and Allie and Allie told me, yeah, she canceled her FB, BOOO, but understandable! I love you dearyloo!

tess said...

that third shortened dress is amazing! you have a great eye

The Body Electric said...

Thank you so much Tess! I'll admit the hemline was an accident, I am not cool enough to have planned that myself! :-)

Ashley said...

fun! I love thrifting in the Fres when I come home to visit. perhaps we shall make a date of it and go together? sometime between 8/16 and 8/20? ...hhhmmm? ; )

Christiejolu said...

Damn you are talented!

The Body Electric said...

Ashley, WHAT!?!?!? You're coming to Fresno!?!!? YES, YES, YES PLEASE!!! that would be awesome!

Christie, nonsense, if I was talented then this things would actually be hemmed. ;-) AHAHAH!

Stephanie said...

What great deals! Sometimes you just have to alter an item and it looks 100 times better.

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Um, okay. I need to go thrifting more often, clearly. I always look at the 'frumpy' clothes and think, "Nah, not for me". Now I've seen exactly what can be done, I'm excited! :D

x Jasmine

sarah marie p said...

What the heck, woman?! You are amazing! Very, very impressive! Crazy deals and crazy cool alterations! I love it! I especially love the plum and sea foam green skirts. So pretty.

Reminded me of this blog:

p.s. I hope I didn't already leave a similar comment on another post. I'm always composing comments in my head for blog posts while I'm reading so I don't remember if I was just thinking of a comment or actually left one. Too bad it can't happen instantly like that! Ramble ramble ramble!