Sunday, July 25, 2010

Basket boat rides and Polka dots!

Bow: Thrifted
Top: H&M
Skirt:Forever 21
Socks: Target (I love their dollar ankle socks!)
Shoes: Thrifted
Currently listening to: Travis - Sing

Clearly, being pirates.

Mundane outfit post.

I don't usually wear polka dots, it's something I always feel weird in, but lately I've been a bit more open to the possibility. I also NEVER wear white in the summer. I sweat like a man. Ew. But this was one of the lovely finds at H&M when we went to Seattle last month to visit our darling friends from Garage Voice.
(We are still trying to recover those pictures, hopefully there will be a post about it soon)
I couldn't resist the top. So now I have white AND polka dots.
The Mr. was gone on business the last couple days and it's been lovely to have him back.
(Who knew that it was possible for absence to make the amount of fondness I have for him even more so. I didn't know we could have more fondernessest ;-) for each other.)

He and The Kidlet had themselves a lovely time playing in the laundry basket this morning.

(Dearest Mum-in-law, yes, that IS your laundry basket, as you can tell, with your names clearly written on the side, OOPS! ;-/ we will try to get that back to you ASAP)

The Kidlet said he wanted a ride in it so I tied an apron to his little broom and we made a mast and he floated on his little sea thanks to his papa.

Life is pretty darn adorable sometimes.

Hope you are all finding yourselves with as much in your life.

Lovies and Landlubbers,



scatterheart said...

I'm the same way about polka dots. You look lovely :) and your family is adorable.

Mum said...

Mum-in-law says please keep the basket! We would not want those two adorable pirates to be without a boat!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!! Luv you all!

The Body Electric said...

Awwww! You DO read my blog!!! Thanks for the basket, The Kidlet is (eternally) at that stage where boxes and baskets are his favorite thing to play with. (Why do we have other toys?!!??!?)

We love you! Miss you tons!!!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I LOVE this outfit. It's so very cute, without being too cute. Does that make sense? I also love your hair!

I'm a sweater too (not in a 'long-sleeved, Winter top' kind of way). Maybe it's related to our allergies?

Love the pirates! How adorable!

x Jasmine