Friday, November 8, 2013

Ruby Rose Dreams Come True

If you slog your way back through my blog you will find THIS post. It is about a lovely little shop that I found when we first moved to the Central Coast and I was completely smitten by it's charm. 3 years later finds me STILL smitten, that hasn't changed...but what has changed is that this month I am celebrating my one year anniversary as part of the little family that works together to make Ruby Rose what it is. Personally I don't feel qualified to say I make Ruby Rose what it is but my "Boss Mom" seems to think I am and one should never argue with "Boss Mom".
I'm still a busy stay at home mom, that is my first priority and I love it. I am so blessed to not only be able to have such an opportunity in my home but then to be given the chance to take part in helping out at Ruby Rose AROUND my family's needs. I've had wonderful bosses (and some not so wonderful) but I've never had a boss quite like Stephanie Hendry, the Mastermind behind Ruby Rose. She is too good to me! 
It all started when she was looking for someone to help with various creative aspects of the store, displays, clothing, social media, etc. and a mutual friend said, "What about K?" (I'd become quite the regular snooper at her shop.) Stephanie said, "Let's give it a month and see how we fit". It is a year later and I am still enamored every time I walk in that door. 

Well, I just completed my first blog post for Ruby Rose (she has some other lovelies running it on the regular) if you'd like to check it out HERE. It's my little story about how I ended up with an opportunity to be ever so slightly involved in this video and Ezine below. 

I also help run the shop's Instagram account so feel free to follow that if you'd like (@rubyrose805) to see all the goodies the shop brings in every week. If you don't live in the area, don't worry! Wipe your tears and look HERE for our Etsy store! I know it sounds like shameless self-promotion but it's really more the fact that I STILL fangirl over the place. It never gets old or stale or burdensome. Every week I go in and I still gasp at the things collected, the trinkets found, the books discovered. It's a dream. And I'm so thankful for it.

Lovies and low lights,

PS. I just realized that the chai tea I drank this evening was caffeinated.... I'm in trouble. (O_O) Uh oh.

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