Saturday, November 2, 2013

Almost Two Years Absent...

I can't believe it's been that long. On one hand I feel like I need to write something significant and explain my absence...on the other hand, I don't now if there are many people that care, aside from the few loved ones that followed me in the past and encouraged me to take it up again. I have no idea where this is going, which is part of the reason I haven't bothered with all this nonsense and reindeer games for so long. 

I'm going to not over think it. 

So here's the deal, Joy Prouty mentioned doing the 30 Day Challenge of 1000 Gifts for the month of November and I figured, maybe now's the time to dust off the ol' blog and give it a go. 

Yesterday was about taking time to notice the gift of things eaten.

The Kidlet was working on a drawing of a snowy owl nest on the Arctic Tundra and I grabbed some of our chicken eggs to help show him the difference of perspective. ("See, this way, it's an oval, this way it's a circle. If one is in front of the other then it is BLOCKING part of it, so the circle around the edge of the other one is cut off") At which point I realized how much I LOVE our eggs, our lovely little chickens, and the care that goes into producing beautiful, nurtured food. 


Welp, todays challenge is "the gift of things worn". 
(Mind you, most of the challenges are asking for 3's. 3 things eaten. 3 things worn...but I don't do well with quotas, they take me back to days worked in a cubicle and I get really sweaty and filled with panic. So, I'm making it a singular challenge for me, not because I can't find 3 things, I find more, actually, but I'm not going to worry about documenting each thing for social media.)
But back to the "challenge". Gifts worn was going to be an outfit post but then I started working in the kitchen, peeling roots for a nice autumnal soup and I started getting giddy about the colors. Purple/blood beets, goldenrod butternut squash, creamy celery root, orangy carrots, and I started thinking, "Oooo, I have socks the color of these beets! I have a dress that reminds me of a combo of butternut squash and carrots, etc."


So here you have it. I am grateful for things worn, things like COLOR!!! Isn't it a blessing? The world could have been created in black and white and we never would have known the difference. BUT, instead our kind Father made it filled with purple/blood beets that stain my hands and show how chewed up my hands are, goldenrod and orange and green celery stalks and inspired us to make cranberry-colored thigh-high socks and mustard-yellow velvet heels.
(For the record, if we are going to talk about clothes....Long socks are one of my very favoritest pieces of clothing. As a dress-loving-tights-hating-girl they are a treasure to me in the winter months.)



The word is so full of color, I am grateful we can eat it, we can wear it, we can see it...

He gives good gifts. 

PS. The kidlet took these pictures. I'm really rather shocked at the results. I set the ISO and f-stop and such and had to keep reminding him, "don't forget to hold the button down halfway first to focus"....AND the focal point is screwy on our camera too. For some reason it won't budge, it is stuck on middle/bottom (when set horizontally). All that PLUS tired little 5 year old arms and yet he STILL got these shots. My baby boy is definitely not a baby anymore. Freaks me out a bit. 

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