Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bunny Love




Soooo, I'm not really sure what to say, other than that I FREAKING LOVE rabbits and this dress I picked up second hand. (Though I spent more than I usual spend at thrift or consignment stores, $15 still isn't too bad considering what it is and the quality of it. Sheer perfection.)

That's it, nothing earth shattering, just a quick peek at one of the bunnies in my life. It's name is Wicket...or Jawa, hard to say. When we got our two little bundles of fluff we could tell them apart, but now, they are indiscernible and the poor Buns are always in a huff at us for mixing their names up. They are a little uppity and proper for rabbits that aren't in the habit of wearing waistcoats and cravats. But then, some people like to put on airs...even bunny people. 

Side note, did you know that in the wild, rabbits tend to stay in packs according to family  (though I don't see how that's possible at the rate they multiply) but apparently they prefer to stay with their siblings, I'm so glad we got two. I originally planned on one, then realized in a moment of sheer genius, if there's only one, then how will anyone else ever get to hold one because I'll have my mitts full. So, out of sheet selflessness, I got two so others could have something to hold whilst I was snuggling the bebe I bought for....The Kidlet. Ha! Only later did I find out about the staying together as a family thing. Whew. So many disasters averted. 

Lovies and Fuzzies,


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