Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Little Sis Got Married!!!

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This set of pictures is from the photographer (who also happens to be The Mr.'s brother check out his website here)

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It was lovely! The day went off without a single hitch. My mum and sister's and The Kidlet's Cousin drove over the night before and came to our house, my older sis sewed some last minute stuff onto our dresses and my little sis painted her nails and we ate food and pretty much just hung out. Being as it was a small wedding there really wasn't anything to do. My older sis and mum and The Cousin went back to their room but my little sis stayed and watched movies with me and we made ice cream and just killed time, she was afraid she'd get back to the room and be wide awake whilst everyone else was sleeping. The ice cream helped make her sleepy.

In the morning The Mr was gone working at the Farmer's Market so we all drove over to see him and look at flowers, we found the most beautiful bouquets for the wedding quickly acquired them, took them back to the house we were getting ready in (2 blocks from the amphitheater) then went for a walk to get coffee and croissants and kill more time.

When we got back I started working on the bouquet and we lounged around some more. Seriously, it was a day full of just visiting and mostly down time. Sooooo restful and lovely!

When the bouquet was done I left and went home to get ready. The plan was to walk to the amphitheater for the wedding, small short ceremony then walk 1 block away to a lovely little restaurant on the same creek that the amphitheater was on. My little sis didn't want to worry about decorations, a cake, dancing, any of that, but just a sweet simply ceremony and time with our close family. I knew she would be ok without it but I also knew how excited she would be if I snuck some decorations into the restaurant so before I got dressed I went to an abandoned house next door to ours and filled a bunch of my canning jars with clover. The Mr. took them and several boxes of empty jars to the restaurant and got everything set up. We filled the empty jars with tea lights and put the clover everywhere.....

After I got dressed and did my hair I ran back to the house where everyone was preparing at which point The Mr.'s brother had arrived and started taking pictures. We got some lovely shots of us sisters together then the older sis and I walked ahead to the amphitheater. The wedding started a little late but turned out to be a huge blessing as the nearby mission started it's call to Mass and the bells were soooo loud it drowned everything out and we wouldn't have heard the ceremony. Plus it was a lovely way to start the wedding. My older sis, her husband, The Mr. and myself all had instruments and instead of a processional we just stood up at the front and when it was time to start we played 192 Days by Eisley
We only sang the first verse and chorus for her walking in. Then they exchanged vows, made their covenants to each other and when they were announced husband and wife we started back up on the second verse and finished the song as they left.
More pictures, then we walked over to the reception. It was lovely and perfect and simply but gorgeous. She was thrilled with the candles and clover and we put an ipod and dock behind their table and had a playlist of Eisley, Coldplay, Yann Teirsen, Sufjan Stevens, She&Him, etc. She was surprised and blissfully happy. I'm so glad we did it, I was afraid I might be stepping on toes but it ended up being perfect, it was just stuff she didn't want to have to worry about and we saved her the worry but gave her exactly what she wanted! She looked beautiful in candlelight!!!

So there you have it. I'm sure there will be more pictures later!

Lovies and Love Everlasting!



Mar Mar said...

:) Sounds wonderful.... I'm happy for the new Mr. and Mrs's....I'm happy for their family's...

Stephanie said...

Congrats to your sister and her new hubby! I love her dress and veil, so pretty. Also great pictures.

The Body Electric said...

Thanks Stephanie!!! She wore my veil! Sooo sweet of her and so special to me! She looked amazing in it!

woolandchocolate said...

So lovely! Congrats to your sis.
Love the new hair, by the way. And, S got hers cut - so cute! :)

Ashley said...

What a lovely, lovely day. And a beautiful location. Congrats to the newlyweds and great pictures! (is your dad snapping pics as he walks with her to the alter?! so cute!)

The Body Electric said...

Ms. Wool, I know!! Can you believe it!!! All these years with her long hair and she finally chopped it and it looks amazing on her!

Ashley, yeah, my dad did that at my wedding too, he's so funny! :-D

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Oh, this is just wonderful. It makes me feel all tingly and happy. I love each and every single aspect of your sister's special day!

Pass on my congratulations :)

x Jasmine

Claire said...

Wow what a fab wedding! I LOVE all your dresses, and the flowers...and your hair looks FAB! and that Tattoo!!! xx

Lisa said...

your sister's veil is divine, she looks gorgeous. omg I love your hair!!!