Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hearts & Glasses & Red heads









So, I have been tardy with posts in the last week and a half but with semi-good reason. I haven't been taking many pics as I dyed my hair and it turned out terribly!!! I didn't want to do any posts until I got it fixed (my older sis bleached it before dyeing it red this time...unlike last time and viola!!! Exactly the color I wanted!)
As a result of being absent I missed posting on Valentine's Day AND my b'day (b'day pics to follow) Shame on me.

For Valentine's day The Mr. bought me this delightful cardigan from Forever 21, it KILLS me with delight! I've worn it almost every day since! The sweater made me think of these old Oliver People's frame vignette's so I thought I'd share.

Hope you had a lovely V-day and President's Day to boot!

Lovies and Lucky Coppery Pennies,


PS. My b'day was this last Sat and I had high hopes of doing a giveaway in honor of it....I think I'm just going to do it anyway even if it will be uber late!!!

PPS. Oh, I know what else I was going to say, I actually won a blog giveaway myself (never happened before!!!) from The Berkley Blog of this loverly embroidery kit.

I'm quite excited as I have never won anything and they had the cutest idea for enteries, here's the poem I submitted.

Anyhoo, my computer is acting weird and underlining things for no reason and I don't know how to fix it so I bid you all adieu!


:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I LOVE your hair! It looks incredible! How lucky that you look great as a brunette and as a red-head (we call red-head's "rangas" down here, it's short for "orangutan", ha!).

Hap-hap-happy birthday to you! Did you have a good day? I love that cardigan, it's adorable!

Also, congratulations on your giveaway win! I've never won one before, so I can imagine how exciting it would be!

x Jasmine

Stephanie said...

I love, love, love your red hair. It's so pretty. Plus the cardigan is super cool.
Happy belated birthday!

Snows said...

What a lovely photos!! I love your red hair!!
Happy birthday! I follow you! Neus*

Renée said...

YOUR HAIR IS GORGEOUS, you are so pretty!

Claire said...

Oh i'm loving the hair colour on you! also loving the eye liner. I wish i could do eyeliner. Or any makeup for that matter. x

The Cat and The Cow said...

You are stunning my friend!!!!!!!! Also did you tease your hair???!!!! It looks so good! Love you!

The Body Electric said...

Jasmine, here in the states they call them "ginger's"!!!

Thank you guys, I am so happy to be red again. I finally decided to go ahead and endure the unhealthy side of bleaching and the red dye first time around, then I'll just go with a natural healthy dye for upkeep instead of constantly re exposing myself to the unhealthy stuff (which is why I quit dying it red in the first place) I probably won't like the red as much so it might not last long (natural red dyes seem to come out the same color and not one that I want) so yeah, it's an experiment.

The cardigan is from Forever 21 and it is my favorite new piece, I've literally worn it everyday since he bought it for me!!!

Claire, practice practice, that's really the only thing to make it work. I go through phases and have let the liquid liner go for a while and then whenever I get back to it I have to practice all over again, it's like good penmanship...something I don't practice and, as a result, don't have!!!

Allie my dear, YES I DID! I watched a bunch of tutorials on youtube for Brigette Bardot hair (I didn't find any specific one that was great or I would have posted it, I had to watch a bunch and then combine what I thought would work for my hair) I thought of you though! I was so afraid of the pouf when I was a brunette, I was afraid I'd look like Snooki!!! ;-P

Marisa Noelle said...

I'm completely in love with the red. Makes me miss when I had my hair red but as a dark dark brownie, I can't even obtain much less manage a shade as pretty as yours.

I'm also seriously loving your cardi. I'm a sucker for quirky prints. Makes me want to hunt this one down at F21 and buy it:)

Nichole Contente said...

What color of red did you use, I have red hair and I love the hue you have better than mine!