Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scrabble and Tea and Photography.


Good afternoon lovelies!

It's been raining a lot lately so we've been spending time indoors,
playing Scrabble,
watching Singing In the Rain,
visiting with various friends from out of town that have crashed on our air mattress,
(not something I've ever really done, other than bread, I just cook and never bake...till now!)
(revisiting The Screwtape Letters as well as The Betsy-Tacy Books)
and The Mr. has been doing some tinkering with the camera, trying new things.
These pictures are apparently a result of that.
I still don't know what he did differently (on a technical level) but I know that he's doing something right, his eye is developing as well. Other than "lower the camera honey, you're too tall" (6'2" to my 5'3") I'm not giving him too much direction on the pictures he's been taking lately. He makes me look so much better than I do on a regular basis!!!
Lately I've been lazy when it comes to fashion, weight gain and the cold have made me quite uninspired in the clothing department and I've been "letting myself go" a bit. Ahahah! BUT NO MORE!!!! Back to bike riding (as soon as the weather lets up!!! Aaaaaaannnnddd......






The Mr. bought me an unlimited month of classes for my birthday at a studio a couple blocks away from our house and it's been so nice to be back to practicing with instruction. It's been a couple years since I've been able to just be a student, till we moved I was teaching at least 5 classes a week but never had the time or the means to keep attending or learning anything other than on my own. Having a trained eye watching you and correcting your alignment and bad habits makes such a difference! I'm on two days now and plan on going every single day for at least one class, trying to soak up as much as I can before my month is up. I feel a little sore but in the best ways, not beat up, not abused, not injured, just a delightful awareness of where everything is...if that makes sense. Le siggghhhh!

Anyhoo, it's been a gloriously, blustery day and we are cozy in our second floor apartment, listening to the wind buffeting the walls, drinking tea, eating home-made muffins, and puttering around the house. Hope you all are finding yourself as aware of your blessings as I am finding mine these days.

God is good in the midst of the chaos of the world. That never changes.

Lovies and leaky roofs,



Stephanie said...

I've probably mentioned it before, but I love your red hair. It looks so good on you. Also lovely pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!

Claire said...

these pictures are lovely! cosy listening to the reain and wind from inside :)x

daisychain said...

what gorgeous photos! I'm a bit scrabble addicted x

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

hmmmm...i'm thinking we would get along :)

a fellow blogger you are!!!! so cool kendra. you are absolutely gorgeous and your hub takes the most amazing photos!

what yoga studio do you go to?! i'd love to go to some classes with you!

hope you're having a good weekend! stay warm/dry! :)


The Body Electric said...

Thanks ladies!!! I hope you are all having a glorious week and that where ever you are you have rays of sunshine falling all over the place!! :-D (YEA SPRING!)

The Body Electric said...

Jennifer, I answered your ? on your FB and your blog!!! See you there soon I hope!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

These photos are wonderful! He definitely has a great eye (not to mention a fabulous subject!).

We are almost the same height! I'm half an inch shorter than you :(

x Jasmine

PS. Have you seen my gluten free blog?

The Body Electric said...

Jasmine, I am snooping it right now! :-D WEEEE!