Monday, May 18, 2009

Men's fashion

A recent perusal of an H&M magazine has inspired me to said tweaking of the Mr.'s style. Hence the purchasing of awesome sunglasses during the weekend jaunt to the coast. The Mr. has always been a fan of the old school chicness of the likes of Gene Kelly and such. Unfortunately, finding a balance of cool 50's look and translatable fashion for today has always kept him from wearing anything more than t-shirts and jeans. It seems that dressing Rockabilly or Greaser is the only option but those looks are so specifically stated that you can't do it half way and doing it fully leaves you open to no other options but bowling shirts or fedoras.

This H&M shoot has laid out pretty perfectly how to have an "inspired" look as opposed to replicating item by item that specific time era. We'll see how it goes.

(Sorry about the pics, I don't know how to work my scanner)

Now to get him into some sky blue pants. ;-)

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