Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finds at the Coast aka 4th Anniversary

Thanks to a generous and loving family member (who paid for our room) we were able to take an overnight trip to Cambria and San Luis. The weather was warmer than we prefer but much cooler than back home which hit a record high out of nowhere while we were out of town. We enjoyed our stay immensely (how could we NOT?) and picked up a couple goodies whilst we were there. I gave the Mr. half of his anniversary gift which he sported our second day there and was stopped and complimented and oggled repeatedly. They are vintage Italian leather and obviously the cats meow. (Gosh, I LOVE ebay)

I am slowly amassing an plethora of foliage for the bathroom and have several different fern already. I saw this little puppy and decided to add it to the collection although it delights and frightens me at the same time. It's called a rabbit foot fern which is part of the delight but at the same time I can't help but think of tarantula legs when I see it's spindly appendages. EEP! Whimsical and weird at the same time. I found the starfish and snail at the same nursery as the fern and knew they had to be added to the collection.

Once we made our way south to SLO we mostly moseyed (gosh, that word always looks wrong to me) around browsing shops without much luck till we came across Paper Sky (I think???) and I picked up several sheets of wrapping paper that I plan on framing (now to figure out where to hang them) On to urban Outfitters where I found the hat, jumper and pantaloons/petticoats. (???) I was quite pleased, all on clearance!!!!!!! I found some sunglasses for the Mister and am quite pleased at his willingness to let me tweak his style from time to time.

The drive back was quick and uneventful and we made it home at a decent hour. All in all a lovely time.

PS. The Kidlet that will never keep any of the cools hats I buy him on top of that large noggin is now quite taken with mum's hat. nothing is better than snatching it off her had plunking it on his own and grinning with glee. What a ham! He was eating beets btw, he's not a flesh-eating zombie baby. Just to clarify.

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