Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ohhhhh Zooey!!!


Kim Barbie said...

oh thats really great, you seem to be so happy. Well yes so much heat isn't that great but I just hate the cold. Today I've been at the bus stop for 40minutes freezing my ass off :D and yeah snow is really beautyful especially when you can't get to school because there's to much of it :D but this beauty comes to an end as soon as you want to go somewhere else than school :D

Kim Barbie said...

oh and I've never been to california bevore.. I've never been outside of europe yet..

Stephanie said...

I love this video! Can she not be more cuter?

The Body Electric said...

Kim, You need to make it out here! It's lovely!!!

Stephanie! I tried to post this link on your blog but I couldn't find the comment button! It was just there a couple days ago and now I can't find it! I feel like a complete idiot! Anyway, a friend sent it to me and I thought, OH MAN! I wonder if Stephanie has seen this yet! So I posted it here for you instead! Glad you saw it! :-)

styleforlife said...

This is so fun!! :-)
I am glad to find you.
XXX to you- Emily from EL Vintage

PS- I am following you....come check out my GIVEAWAY!! :-) xx

The Body Electric said...

Will do! Thanks for the add!!! :-)