Thursday, January 27, 2011

Of Paper Dolls, Black Apples and other Whimsical Musings

Just before Christmas I found a book of paper doll making at Urban Outfitters by none other than Ms. Emily Winfield Martin. It is called

The Black Apple's Paper Doll Primer


I flipped through it briefly and decided to purchase it. I know, I know, I was Christmas shopping for others yet bought something for myself, lame....I made up for it by going back and buying a copy for my older sis the next day. Once I was home and really sat down and poured over every single page I realized I HAD to get one for her as well.

Jump ahead a month and I'm pleased to say this has not been an impulse buy that has gone on to be completely useless. Since moving to a town without a life-time's accumulation of friends, family, and community and having to downsize a lot of clutter to fit into a smaller place and being someplace more expensive where we are living on less ,I have found that I am getting soooo much more done! I have time on my hands and have actually started AND finished certain projects that I have either never started in the first place or started and never finished. I feel quite accomplished!!!

So here you have it, I cannot tell you how much fun I've had in making these little people and how much joy it's brought me to make them and actually finish them (though I have plenty more to do!!!) Many thanks to Ms. Winfield Martin, she is brilliant and I so appreciate the fact that she shared her know-how so that others of us can share in her adventures!

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Top and shorts: UO (Christmas present from The Mr)
Shoes: Target

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Top: UO
Bow: Myself

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Top: Forever 21

In other news, my older sis (the one that lost her baby during the second trimester early last year) is pregnant again! She is due in May and is well passed the point that she lost Victory Rose so things are looking good and she is doing well, much less sick this time as well and she is happy. A little nervous but doing extremely well. She is so brave! I love her!!! I am currently working on making her, my niece and my bro-in-law paper doll selves for the baby shower invites. She's going to have a boy!!! EEEE!

Lovies and lint balls,



Stephanie said...

The paper dolls of you and your family are so adorable! What a fun project. I'll have to check that book out. I so want your sheep sweater too. :P
Have a wonderful weekend!

The Cat and The Cow said...


Eeeeee! I love it so much! You did such a good job! And I LOVE that you are going to make the Johnson's in paper dolls for the shower!!! That is so stinkin cute!

Also, LOOOOOOVE the shorts! I have been ogling them on the UO website for awhile now. I have been hesitant to get them since I already have some black high waist shorts but I just love the scallops! AND I cant believe you can wear shorts in January. I am hecka jealous!!! I need to come visit!

The Body Electric said...

A, yeah I was quite hesitant as well but they were an online return in the store, only pair and they were on clearance because they were a return (apparently online returns are automatically clearanced even if they are still full price online. Also, if something is on clearance online but not in the store, ask them to look it up at the register and they can check the online price and you get the online discount on your in store purchase, important things to know!

Stephanie, that book really is too much fun! And the illustrations are TO DIE FOR!

Cat said...! What a great "self purchased" Christmas present! So happy for your sis...I just found out my sis is preggers too :) xo Cat

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

This is fantastic! What a great idea! I wish we had that book in Australia.

A HUGE congratulations to your sister! This must be a most joyous time for you all :D

x Jasmine

Claire said...

Hi! Oh i LOVE Emily Martin!! Those paper dolls are cute! So is your outfit btw :)

Marisa Noelle said...

Sooo darling:) What a fun project. I love how you created your whole family. Your sheep sweater is so cute as are all your ensembles. Congrats to your sis! xx Marisa

sarah marie p said...

You are a genius! These paper dolls are too good! Oh, and I love your wardrobe!