Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recent Thrift Store Finds

Weird greenish milk glass bowl and two glass jars

Cheese thingy, but I will probably use it as a cloche instead.

Some awesome books.

Dress for The Kidlets cousin's b'day (which is today) the lighting is so weird in our livingroom, you can't tell how AMAZING the fabric is.


12 unused glass spice jars for $1.50. You can't beat that. Just what I needed for some of my Christmas Presents.

Are strawberries too feminine for The Kidlet to wear? Haven't decided if I will selfishly keep it for him or give it to the cousin.

Fabulous tin .40 cents.

Fit me ppeeeeerrrfectly. Though, they may end up no the etsy site once I get that squared away. (What a headache THAT is proving to be)

We are all about the wooden toys in this house. The Kidlet is getting a wooden Fire truck we found in Cambria on The Mr's b'day trip. This might join the set. Did you notice the scarf around the pilots neck?????


Today I scampered out the door with my friend M. and The Kidlet to see what we could hunt up. Over 3 hours and only 1 store later I came home with a garbage bag full of delightfulness. The shirt is my favorite, and sadly the hardest to capture a proper picture of. The Mr. isn't home right now so I had to try to prop it up on things and the lighting isn't working...oh well, this is the best I can do for now. Hope you are having lovely days, preparing for the holidays and such. I can't wait to get things squared away in this house and start making the presents. WEEEEEEE!

Lovies and Loch Ness Monsters,


Friday, November 13, 2009

Sunny autumn day.

Nothing of terrible importance to write about, just teaching yoga, biking and mommying as usual. There are some new developments health-wise that are frustrating but in the long run may be the answer to all the other problems. If so, it could end up being a huge weight lifted off me, proverbially speaking. It would be sooo lovely if we finally found the bullet instead of just the smoking gun. I'm so grateful to have a doctor that is willing to look into things instead of saying, "You have a disease, take this pill that's all there is to do."

In other news, we (Sing the Body) have a show coming up (as you can see) next Friday. We are playing with some well known (locally) names so that should bring out a crowd other than just close friends and family (to whom I am ever so grateful for!!!!!!) so it will be a bit more nerve wracking than usual. Then coming next month we have a show at a much bigger venue. Again with well known local bands that pull scenesters out, so I'm just looking forward with more and more trepidation.

That is yet another of the things that would be sooo lovely about finding the answer to the health issues. One of the side effects is that it really messes with my voice, I have to be super careful and not sing too loud or I lose control on tone. If would be so nice to be able to just sing again without all the added worry of "Is my body flaring up today? Is my voice going to pay for it?"

So anywho, there you have it. Two posts in one week...can you believe it? It's almost like old times. ;-)

Trying to get back into the swing of things.

Lovies and,


PS. That's a whole lot of parenthesis. Sorry.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Mr,'s Birthday

So for The Mr.'s b'day, sneaky wife that I am, I secretly book a room at the hotel that we stayed at on our honeymoon. I waited till he was asleep then quietly packed the car in the dead of night. The next morning, we went to the Farmer's Market as usual, grabbed our raw milk then dropped it at home before I was to take him to a "surprise brunch". That was all he knew. THEN BAM!!!!! I jumped on the freeway (figuratively speaking of course) and drove to the coast. He was SOOOOO excited although it took him the entire first day to stop figetting as though he had somewhere to be. As soon as we got into town we went straight to the beach and had lunch and played for a while. It was wonderful and The Kidlet was ECSTATIC!

We did some dancing....



...wave watching.. avoiding...

...dancing... not avoiding...

...rock analyzing...

..and sample taking...

...sand digging...



...rabble rousing...


..more watching...


The next morning we went to the nursery owned by the hotel and they were kind enough to let The Kidlet feed the fish. Ever since he's been shouting "BIG ONE!!!" every time he sees a fish of any proportion.

Cutest birdies!

It ended up that through a fluke The Mr. had monday off, so we decided to find a cheap motel further south to stay at the night we were supposed to head back home to reality. The next day ended up being more playing and swinging on yet another beach.

Face plant.

If you have never eaten at Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach. GO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
I have MANY allergies and have stayed away from them all for the 6 months it's been since I found out. I decided it was worth the misery it may cause to enjoy the clam chowder bread bowl and split a grilled cheese sandwich with The Mr. I'm allergic to yeast, wheat, and dairy (amogst many other things) but I can say, without a doubt, it was totally worth it to eat this delectable bowl of heaven.

Me in 30 years.

A nice girl walked by and asked if she would like us to take a picture with all of us! YEAAAAH!

This was in the car as The Mr. was packing up for us to leave. The Kidlet wanted to sport the shades like the uber cool kid that he is.

Heading home. How is it possible to be rested and exhausted at the same time. It was wonderful, The Mr. came back a changed man. Poor thing hasn't been out of town since our Portland trip and that was HARDLY restful.

How I do love him.

And lovies and lap dogs to you,