Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recent Thrift Store Finds

Weird greenish milk glass bowl and two glass jars

Cheese thingy, but I will probably use it as a cloche instead.

Some awesome books.

Dress for The Kidlets cousin's b'day (which is today) the lighting is so weird in our livingroom, you can't tell how AMAZING the fabric is.


12 unused glass spice jars for $1.50. You can't beat that. Just what I needed for some of my Christmas Presents.

Are strawberries too feminine for The Kidlet to wear? Haven't decided if I will selfishly keep it for him or give it to the cousin.

Fabulous tin .40 cents.

Fit me ppeeeeerrrfectly. Though, they may end up no the etsy site once I get that squared away. (What a headache THAT is proving to be)

We are all about the wooden toys in this house. The Kidlet is getting a wooden Fire truck we found in Cambria on The Mr's b'day trip. This might join the set. Did you notice the scarf around the pilots neck?????


Today I scampered out the door with my friend M. and The Kidlet to see what we could hunt up. Over 3 hours and only 1 store later I came home with a garbage bag full of delightfulness. The shirt is my favorite, and sadly the hardest to capture a proper picture of. The Mr. isn't home right now so I had to try to prop it up on things and the lighting isn't working...oh well, this is the best I can do for now. Hope you are having lovely days, preparing for the holidays and such. I can't wait to get things squared away in this house and start making the presents. WEEEEEEE!

Lovies and Loch Ness Monsters,



Vintage Vixen said...

Hello fellow yoga and thriftstore lady! I'm loving' your blog. Thanks for sharing your finds.

Vix xxx

Sarah Groothuis said...

That shirt is FAB, love it with that belt. LOVE IT!

The Body Electric said...

THanks Sarah!!!! I was pretty amazed when we found it!!!!!!!!! Siiiigh! I wore it for Thanksgiving and it was perfect! Slimming in look but not tight on the belly to make room for all the deliciousness! WEEEE!

Ash said...

um, okay. Little House Cookbook? SO COOL. Had NO idea that existed! My friend who lives in Ohio takes her kids out in the snow and dribbles molasses into the drifts so they can have hard molasses candy like Mary and Laura do. :)

AND when reading Goodnight, Gorilla to your kidlet, be sure to notice that the balloon follows the story on almost every page... Lu loves that balloon.

The Body Electric said...

I read about it on another blog a while back and have been on the hunt for it ever since. It's AMAZING!!!!! It has recipes for lard in it!!! AHAH! As for Goodnight Gorilla I had never heard of it before but I LOVE it!!! And Seraph is OBSESSED with balloons! That worked out well for us I think! ;-)