Friday, February 17, 2012

All I want for my birthday is loveliness...

Soooo, not to be hinty or anything, I really don't expect anyone to follow this or actually buy me presents 
(what I really like best for my b'day is a dance party, consisting of 60's french pop and anything else I can happy feet to) this year is one of those years where everyone has a lot going on (including myself) and it's quite likely that nothing will happen for my b'day other than just hanging out with family...

Seriously, I don't need presents, I'm a pretty blessed bunny and I don't have any needs that aren't being met...

that being said, I will now out-pour a wish list long enough (or silly enough) to make your head spin.  Why? Because it's gosh darn fun!!! In no particular order....

I ever so much would love to get my hands on a World Globe Lamp!  Feel free to ogle ebay as much as you like and procure me such loveliness! (and as many of such loveliness as may possibly move you!)



I pretty much adore ANYTHING from The Black Apple but THIS painting in particular


makes my heart go pitter pat!!!  I also love the Terrarium painting and the Oddsfellow's Orphanage postcards (I already have the book!) And the Recipe Cards are pretty skippy too!!! Ooo, and the Nessie Painting (judge all you want, I see Nessie's existence as a viable and real possibility! ;-)) <3<3<3

Pretty Much ANYTHING by Vivetta!!!  Always such loveliness, always impossible to get my grubby little mitts on...but a girl can wish can't she???  






Pretty much anything by Nadinoo as well. Eyeball candy for DAAAYS!




SEEEEEE what I mean!?!?! Gasp and delights!!!

any of these lovelies from Asos!!! I do like my little girl dresses! Is it whimsical? Then I probably like it!!!


I desperately want to make these part of my belongings...I tried to purchase them this last month as a Valentine's Date/Gift for The Mr. and myself but they were all sold out. I scoured the interwebsicle for it and couldn't find it anywhere, I went to save a pic and link it and found THEY ARE FOR SALE ONCE MORE!!! Take this as a hint from the birthday fairies that these are meant for ME! ;-)


Anthropologie gift card.

Silly, is it? Impersonal you say? NEVER, SAYS I!!! I cannot tell you how much fun and mileage I get out of gift cards! (Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Target, etc. are also lovely) To be able to go into Anthropologie and find a trinket in the clearance area is ALWAYS fun!!! I can make that gift card last FOR MOOOONTHS! I bide my time till I find something truly worth it, then I acquire said treasure completely free of guilt because not I but YOU got that special thing for ME! <3 Never underestimate the power of gift cards to the right places!


Lula Magazine Subscription, or just a single Lula hard to get one's hands on!!! I own a solitary copy (Issue #8, coincidentally enough) due to a friend's kindness in acquiring one for me several years ago, it STILL brings me delight every time I open it!


So there you have it! I'm sure I'll think of other things later...for instance, practical things that excite me in spite of their lemon zester (let's be honest, it may be for cooking but "ZESTER" just sounds like food magic!) pickling crock, Le Crueset cookware, tart tins, etc. Things like that make me all twitterpated with glee!!!

And now,
TO BED WITH ME!!! I'm off to sail in that wooden shoe with Winken, Blinken and Nod! 

Lovies and letterpresses, (OOOO, I'd also like a letterpress!!!)



Ms. Dee said...

Perfect wish list! Oh I love The Black Apple soooo much, Emily is the greatest! I've been lucky enough to meet her a couple of times and she signed my copy of her Paper Doll Primer.

The Body Electric said...

Oooo, you lucky duck! She is a delight!!! Did you get Oddfellow's Orphanage yet??? It's magic!!!


:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I love the idea of the Anywhere Travel Guide! SUCH a good idea!

x Jasmine

Aliya said...

Oh my what a stunning wishlist! The globes lamp is wicked! And I cannot take my eyes off that bird print dress!

x Aliya