Thursday, October 8, 2009

Poster for our show Friday night.

It's so pretty! I don't know who made it but the bicycle for the O's and all that jazz makes me happy. I wish I had an early 1900's dress with a bustle for the occasion.

Perhaps I shall see you there,

Lovies and L.M. Montgomery,


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HANSON!!! And other oddities....

The first thing we saw at the fair...well, the second actually. The first thing was a teenage boy accepting the tickets that hollered, "Looking goooood!" after me as I was scampering to meet up with the rest of the crowd. Was that silly? Yes. Am I old enought to be his mom if I'd gotten knocked up at 13? Yes. Did it make me laugh and feel a bit cuter. Yup. That's right, I'm that lame. If he'd been a guy my age I probably would have freaked out and said something sarcastic, instead I giggled like a school girl and ran. That's not a cougar right? (Gosh, I hate that term and it's existence) A C-word (that sounds worse!!!) would have stayed and tried to get his number....right? So, bad, but not too terribly bad....right?

Me and Alliekins


They hate when I call them Whitdog and Alliecat...which is precisely why I'm doing it. ;-)

Finishing up our little group...Aimee (Allie's sis)

They sang along the whole time while I did this....


They knew all the words. I only knew one...Mmmbop.

This is the girls favorite picture...I'm not sure why.

Baby Hanson looks like a lion now. I kept wanting him to sing The Lion King songs at me. He didn't. I was bummed.

The girls were heartbroken that it was over.

The next morning at breakfast.
The kidlet and Awesome Artist Friend from Chicago.

Artists Friends buddy. (Meeting him as a criminal in a dark alley, no thanks)

Sooo many things taking up my time, and none of them with anything to show for it after the fact. (hey folks, wanna see pics of how I actually managed to get the laundry caught up!?!?!)
Thyroid problems continue to interfere and whilst the metal test came back (mercury and lead were in the red...but not dark red, which isn't good but not the for sure cause of all the problems...lame) things are still in limbo. Oh well, I am blessed and there are so many worse things in life.

So here are the Hanson concert pictures. I was closest to the aisle AND had the best camera. Seeing how I love my dearyloo girls enough to embarrass myself I ended up going up to snag a million pics of the boys (to men? AHAHA) in spite of the snorting and eye rolling of the security guard. My pride did get the better of me briefly and I tried to explain to him that I wasn't an actual fan, I was just there for my friends....he didn't believe me....oh well, my friends love me and are happy with the pics I got.

The next day I had a sub lined up to teach my class so I played hooky (sp?) and went to breakfast with an old friend visiting from back east. He stopped by again later that evening with his buddy whom I hadn't seen since his wedding a couple years earlier. So yeah, lots of nonsense, lots of reindeer games and good times. Hopefully something more interesting than laundry and dishes will happen this week and perhaps my thyroid will be nice to me so I'm not a big slug.....booo.

In other news, we (Sing the Body) have a show on Friday and I'm thinking about going and doing one of the songs at open mic tonight at the coffee shop that the parents of CatandtheCow took over. I'm scared, it's frightening enough to sing in a group but even worse alone....we shall see.

Have a loverly afternoon and I shall type at ya'll later.

Lovies and lentils,


PS. If you click on the Sing the Body link you can hear the new song we put up on our myspace. Be gentle, we all had colds the day we recorded.